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Summer on the Great Plains is hot and humid. The long dog days of June and July begin to wane into August, but the oppressive heat seems to hang on like a stubborn house fly, relentless and nagging.

For those that long for autumn’s cool breezes, and the changing foliage of October, September arrives like an emissary, bringing the good news of fall. September is a month of harvest moons, of rest from summer’s labor, of state fair celebrations, and of football.

Among those who yearn for September’s touch are the ranks of hunters and anglers all across the Great Plains. Summer’s hold and heat have taken their toll on many, and September is the gatekeeper to a vast array of seasons to come across the uplands and prairies.

Let’s take a look at what September has to offer this fall on the Great Plains Outdoors, and dream of the autumn days to come:

Migratory Bird Hunting in September on the Great Plains Outdoors –

For the shotgunner who loves southern flights of migratory birds, September is the golden month of beginnings.

Dove Hunting is the most popular hunting season across America, and the ranks of hunters in pursuit across the Great Plains are eager to take their place on buckets across ag fields and along pond dams alike.

Pursuing doves in September is an annual celebration for many. Family gatherings and weekend group hunts often coincide with BBQ’s, picnics, and evening bonfires.

Great Plains Dove Seasons –

North Dakota –
South Dakota –
Nebraska –
Kansas –
Missouri –
Oklahoma –
Texas –
Iowa – September 1, 2022

Early Teal Seasons on the Great Plains are a highly celebrated opportunity for waterfowl enthusiasts, or those hoping to try duck hunting for the first time, and a chance at fast action in warmer weather. Primarily blue-winged teal, mixed with some green-winged teal, begin their migration early in the season when nighttime temps dip into the 50s and 60s.

These little birds prefer shallow pools and terraces, fly primarily at first and last light, and are terrific table fare. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray!

Great Plains Early Teal Seasons –

Texas – September 10 – 25
Oklahoma – September 10 – 25
Missouri – September 10 – 25
Kansas – LP September 10 – 25
HP September 17 -25
Nebraska – HP September 3 – 11
LP September 3 – 18
Iowa – September 1 -16

Ka'yna, Miles, & I

Duck & Goose seasons that run into the waning days of December, and even into the bitterly cold days of January and February begin to kick off in some states as early as September on the Great Plains.

Early season, warmer weather waterfowl hunts offer a fantastic opportunity to introduce new hunters to the passion, and to sharpen dog work before the bitterly cold days of ice and snow settle in.

Great Plains September Duck & Goose Seasons –

Iowa Youth Ducks – September 24 – 25
Iowa N Zone Geese – September 24
North Dakota Resident Ducks – September 24
North Dakota Geese – September 24
South Dakota Some Duck Zones – September 24
South Dakota Geese Some Units – September 1
Oklahoma Special Goose – September 10 – 19

Ka'yna, Miles, & I

Hunting migratory woodcock, rail, and snipe is getting more attention lately on the Great Plains, and why not? It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone eager to try a new type of hunting without having to break the bank.

Found in marshlands, and along exposed mud banks and shore lines, rail and snipe seasons open in September for hunters eager to get their fall hunting season started.

Great Plains September Rail & Snipe Seasons –
Iowa Snipe & Rail – September 3
North Dakota Snipe – September 10
Woodcock – September 24
Texas Rail – September 10
Oklahoma Rail – September 1
Missouri Snipe & Rail – September 1
Kansas Snipe & Rail – September 1
South Dakota Snipe – September 1
Nebraska Snipe & Rail – September 1

Upland Bird Hunting in September on the Great Plains Outdoors –

The Great Plains Outdoors are known for uplands and prairies. Whether it’s Sandhills, Flinthills, or Blackhills, the Great Plains are truly a destination for upland hunts. Croplands mixed with grasslands make for an extraordinary place where a shotgun, a good pair of boots, and a bird dog can provide miles and miles of pursuit.

While many hunters consider pheasants and quail the primary game birds across the Great Plains, the grouse of the prairie states cannot be overlooked. Many states have early grouse seasons open for hunters willing to get out and give it an early season try.

Great Plains September Upland Bird Seasons –

Nebraska Prairie Grouse – September 1
North Dakota Huns – September 10
Ruffed Grouse – September 10
Sharp Tailed Grouse – September 10
Kansas Greater Prairie Chicken – September 15
South Dakota Partridge – September 17
Sharp Tailed Grouse – September 17
Greater Prairie Chicken – September 17
Ruffed Grouse – September 17

Big Game Hunting in September on the Great Plains Outdoors –

While the pursuit of ducks, doves, grouse, and rail is fulfilling, and the opening of any hunting season exciting, there is something to be said for big game seasons. Planning and longing for romantic encounters with large ungulates, to provide substantial meals for weeks and months to come is what many hunting traditions and lifestyles are built upon.

Across the Great Plains Outdoors there are numerous big game animals that hunters can pursue including: whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and antelope. For many of these species the first cool breaths of fall sweep across the month of September and seasons come open for those hoping to fill their big game tag in the early season.

Great Plains September Big Game Seasons –

South Dakota Archery Antelope – Begins August open in September
Bighorn Sheep (resident) – September 1
Archery Deer – September 1
Archery Elk (resident) – September 1
Kansas Archery Deer – September 1
Muzzleloader Deer – September 12
Archery Antelope – September 24
Missouri Archery Deer – September 15
Oklahoma Firearm Antelope – September 1
North Dakota Elk (resident) – September 2
Moose (resident) – September 2
Antelope (resident) – September 2
Archery Deer – September 2
Nebraska Archery Deer – September 1
Archery Antelope – Begins August open in September
Muzzleloader Antelope – September 17
Elk (resident) – September 1

After combing through the incredible opportunity that September on the Great Plains Outdoors provides, it’s amazingly apparent that there is something for everyone willing to lace up their boots and step outside.

I for one am as excited for the month of September and the autumn to follow as any hunter or angler out there. This season, I hope you invest some time outdoors, try a new pursuit, and even introduce someone to your passion.

I’ll see ya out there –

Rob McDonald
The Modern Wild Man

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