How To Mentor New Hunters

By Brittany French Mentoring new hunters is a valuable way to pass on knowledge, ensure safety, and promote ethical hunting practices. There is a lot of content out there about how to be the best mentor, steps you can take to make an impact, and best practices for...

Turkeys for Tomorrow strives to help solve mystery of birds’ decline

By Brent Frazee When Ron and Tes Jolly attended a reunion with some of their longtime hunting buddies, there was a common denominator in conversations. “Why are wild turkey populations declining?” Each of the 12 veteran hunters related his or her own theory. But they...

‘Pray for rain’ is a common request at drought-stricken Cheyenne Bottoms

Photo by Brent Frazee In wet years, the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area is teeming with water and attracts hundreds of thousands of migrating ducks and geese.Photo by Brent Frazee In the midst of the current drought, water is hard to find at Cheyenne Bottoms.By Brent...

Talkin’ fishin’ on the Great Plains

By Brent Frazee Finally, the end is near. It’s time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.It’s time to go fishing. And as usual, the Great Plains states will have plenty to offer in 2023. Where? We’ve done some research and picked out a few bodies of water in...

For ice fishermen, winter is a friend, not an enemy

By Brent Frazee Dave Genz doesn’t dread winter the way some people do. Ice, snow, bitter cold, frigid wind chills? Bring it on. For Genz, who lives in St. Cloud, Minn., winter is prime time for fishing. When the lakes lock up with ice, he drills holes, cozies up in...

Fall Walleye Fishing on the Great Plains

By Brent Frazee Jason Mitchell can’t wait for fall temperatures to start a slow descent in North Dakota, where he lives. As the water cools on giant Devils Lake, the big walleyes go on the prowl for food. And some of the best fishing of the year can result. “What you...

September is a Gateway Month – For the Love of September

Summer on the Great Plains is hot and humid. The long dog days of June and July begin to wane into August, but the oppressive heat seems to hang on like a stubborn house fly, relentless and nagging. For those that long for autumn’s cool breezes, and the changing...

Top Five Summer Fishing Destinations on the Great Plains

Summer fishing on the Great Plains Five places where the action can be as hot as the weather By Brent Frazee In honor of the arrival of summer, we’re going to send you on an extended fishing trip across the Great Plains. Hitch up the boat, organize your fishing tackle...

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