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Join hosts Brittany French & Rob McDonald on the Great Plains Outdoors Podcast. Where they chat with guests about everything outdoors on the Great Plains! From fishing and hunting, to camping and hiking, we cover it here!

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LISTEN in to hosts Rob McDonald and Brent Frazee on this special winter time angling episode of the Great Plains Outdoors podcast with our guest Dave Genz.

Dave Genz is the father of modern ice fishing, pioneering the flip over ice shelter, and utilizing sonar electronics on the ice. Dave went on to help found Clam Outdoors and develop both techniques and tackle that changed the face of ice fishing forever.



Hosts Brittany French and Rob McDonald take some time to visit with guest Joe Skinner of Veil Camo. The story of Veil begins 12 years ago in a treestand looking into the timber. A thought occurred to Joseph Skinner, the founder of VEIL Camo. Nature ebbs and flows in a consistent way. Form and chaos. And it’s everywhere you look.

Camouflage can make or break a hunt, and hiding during a hunt is more than skin deep. LISTEN in to find out what makes camo brands like Veil tick.

Truly an industry of the Great Plains Outdoors, Veil Camo is based in Wichita KS!


Hosts Brittany French and Rob McDonald are joined by Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Biologist Matt Peak. Some of Matt’s duties include the Kansas pronghorn, and elk herds, but today we focus on the large carnivores and Kansas otter recovery! Have you even wondered about the mountain lions, otters, and bears in Kansas? Now is your chance to LISTEN to the expert!