Meet The Team

Rob McDonald

Rob McDonald

Modern Wildman


As a lifelong outdoor adventurer, Rob McDonald has spent the majority of his life trekking over mountains, paddling across watersheds, and traipsing over vast grasslands. Whether in pursuit of game as a hunter, solace as a backpacker, fish as an angler, or simply adventure as an explorer; Rob has always been a story teller.

Rob makes his home tucked into the magnificent Flint Hills of Kansas, once termed the Great American Dessert, the Great Plains offer Rob and his family a daily glimpse of strength, hardship, beauty, grit, and frequent impressions of God’s glory.

An outdoor writer, photographer, and blogger, Rob’s work is published in various outdoor print and online magazines. Rob’s deep-rooted and lifelong passions include: story telling, photography, and introducing new hunters and anglers to the outdoor spirit. These passions continue to direct and drive his work as a Christian, father, husband, friend, and Outdoor Media creator.

Brent Frazee

Brent Frazee

Grandpa Fish


Brent Frazee is the old-timer of our team.

Brent served as outdoors editor of The Kansas City Star for 36 years before retiring in 2016. His retirement lasted about three weeks before he decided he missed writing, so he started his second career—freelancing.

Brent continues to write for magazines, websites, newsletters, blogs and tourism agencies. He received more than 50 awards for his writing and photography when he worked for The Star, and he has earned another 20 since he started freelancing.

Though he is a Missouri resident, he has years of experience covering the Great Plains outdoors. Brent was the president of the Outdoor Communicators of Kansas for years, and he writes monthly for Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine.

While at The Star, he regularly covered Kansas fishing and hunting, and occasionally did stories on Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa , South Dakota and North Dakota.

Brittany French

Brittany French

Really Cool Gal


Brittany French is currently the CEO for the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors Program. Brittany was born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas where she grew up enjoying the outdoors in many ways. Brittany attended Friends University where she played softball and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. She continued on to receive a Master’s degree in Sociology from Wichita State University. Brittany resides in South Central Kansas with her husband, Ben and pup, Magnolia. They enjoy spending their time outside, golfing, and sipping wine. 

As an outdoors enthusiast, Brittany loves spending her time hunting, fishing, running, and golfing. She loves pursuing life in the outdoors by giving all thanks to God.

Mentoring in the outdoors is an immense passion of Brittany’s. Brittany has mentored youth in the outdoors for 7 years. She has worked with state agencies, local and national partners for NGO’s, and many youth organizations to help do her part in the National R3 plan. She love’s being able to steward her gifts and pass it on to the next generation.