Don’t listen to the people who label the Great Plains as flyover country.

Likewise, ignore the social media sites that label states such as Kansas and Iowa as the most boring in the nation.

They don’t know the Great Plains like we do.

Get off the beaten track and do a little exploring, and you’ll see the true beauty of this region.

From the sea of waving grass that can be found in the Kansas Flint Hills, to the giant Missouri River reservoirs of South Dakota to the Sand Hills in Nebraska, the Great Plains are anything but boring.

The region is one of the last strongholds of the American tallgrass prairie, but that doesn’t mean that it is all grasslands. Rolling hills, rugged landscapes, unique wildlife and sparkling oases in the form of lakes also can be found here.

Our team—Brittany French, Rob McDonald and Brent Frazee—is passionate about the Great Plains, and that’s why we started this website.

 We will bring you a multi-platform look at the outdoors life in the states that make up the Plains—Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and parts of Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma. Texas and Wyoming.

We’ll bring you articles, podcasts, videos and photos covering what makes the Great Plains special.

We might talk about the rare lesser prairie chickens of western Kansas, the walleye fishing of Nebraska, or the pheasant hunting of South Dakota.

We also might delve into the big-game hunting of Colorado, New Mexico and Montana. Or the great bass fishing of Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

We doubt we will ever run out of subjects to feature. We’re excited about this adventure and we hope you will be, too. So bookmark this website and visit us often. We’ll bring you the Great Plains Outdoors as you’ve never seen it before.