Review of St. Croix Power Lite Spinning Rod

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Review of St. Croix Power Lite Spinning Rod

By Brent Frazee

When I was shopping for the ideal light-action fishing rod years ago, I went through the process of elimination.

Some rods were too heavy. Others didn’t have enough backbone. Still others were too expensive.

Then I came across the St. Croix Premier Lite Power Rods. Decision made.

These fast-action rods had everything I was looking for:

• They’re light as a feather, yet they have plenty of backbone to fight a big fish. I pair my St. Croix rods with a Pflueger President reel, and that makes for a well-balanced combo.
• They are sensitive enough to feel even the subtlest bite.
• They’re rated for 4- to 8-pound test line and lures from 1/16th to 5/16th of an ounce.
• They’re durable. Made of high-modulus graphite, they hold up to heavy use. I’ve never had one break.
• They’re not cheap, but they’re affordable if you’re an avid fisherman. I have found them for as low as $130.
• They’re made in the USA, St. Croix, Wis.
How much do I like these St. Croix Premier rods? I have six of them on my rod rack, rigged and ready to go.

I like the 6-foot model, though I have one as long as 6-foot, 6-inches. The latter comes in a two piece, which I feared would reduce its sensitivity. But after trying it, those worries were unwarranted.

After using this Lite Power rod, I don’t even own a true ultralight anymore. The Lite Power is an ideal crappie rod, one step above the “buggy whip” ultralights most companies put out.

I primarily pair this rod with a reel that will hold 4-pound monofilament line. But I will go to 6-pound test early in the season and fish with Ned Rig type small plastics for largemouth bass.

I say “early in the season” because bass are sluggish then and don’t fight as hard. I’ve caught bass up to 5 pounds on these Lite Power rods when the water is in the 50-degree range, and they’ve held up remarkably well.

St. Croix manufactures graphite rods suitable for fishing all the way up to muskies. I have tried fishing the company’s medium action spinning rods and even their rods meant to be paired with baitcasting reels.

But I still am most impressed with St. Croix’s Premier light-action rods. For sensitivity, durability and affordability, they’re hard to beat.

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