Why Mentoring Is My Passion

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By Brittany French 

Being a mentor is being able to share gifts, experiences, a listening ear, and passions we have for life with others. Being a mentor in the outdoor world is no different. Mentoring youth in the outdoors is a big part of who I am today and I can’t imagine my life without mentoring.

Sharing a hunt with a mentee is better than hunting on my own. Watching your mentee in the blind or walking through a field is so fulfilling. I think it’s critical that you get to know who you are mentoring. Ask them personal questions and get to know them. That makes your journey that much sweeter when you can both relate to one another in similar ways. I think my favorite mentors are the youth that I get the opportunity to spend time with. Believe it or not, these youth mentor me just as much as I mentor them! We are all more closely connected than you realize. If you ask most of the young ladies I mentor, they will probably tell you I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee and am the energizer bunny. Most of the time, they are the ones that have to calm me down after a successful harvest or shot!

The unique thing about mentoring is that there is not one defined way to do it. Anyone can mentor, if they choose to do so. There are hundreds of thousands of organizations in this world that associate themselves with mentoring. Like Pass It On- Outdoor Mentors, all it takes is a phone call to express interest and make the commitment. The best way someone can mentor is by taking the time to understand a program’s mission and the importance of their help.

I think many of us get this idea in our head that mentoring means that we have to arrange, facilitate, and fulfill a wildly successful hunt for our mentees, and I think that what we all need to remember is that success is when you invite someone along to go with you. It won’t always be easy, convenient, and you may not harvest, or shoot your limit, but I can promise you that when you have a youth ask you “when can we go again”, nothing else will matter….and to me, that is what it is all about.

As a mentor, I challenge you to take your unbridled passion for the outdoors and inspire someone else. I challenge you to be selfless with your time outdoors. I challenge you to take your time and give it to someone else. I challenge you to pour into others and watch them become more of who they already are. I promise that you will not only change someone’s life, but your life will be altered as well.

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